Breathless Beauty Hair-Extension Blog

Breathless Beauty Hair-Extension Blog

Breathless Beauty Hair was established to give women access to high quality and luxurious hair extensions at an affordable price. We offer top-grade quality products with Unbeatable Prices. You will not need to search every online store to satisfy your most desirable hair needs and hairstyles. We provide Brazilian extensions, wigs, ponytails and accessories. Our goal is to help you reach your desired hair goals. Breathless Beauty Hair  blog provides best practices, tips and tricks to keep your hair extensions beautiful, healthy and luxurious.

Hair Care Extension Tips

Tip 1: Wash & Condition Your Extensions

It is very imperative to wash your hair extensions as often as you wash you own hair or when there is product build up. Always treat your extensions similar to. your own hair. You should use a shampoo that is sulfate-free to help maintain the health of your hair extensions. You must condition your hair extensions to keep a healthy and hydrated look. Stay away from conditioners with hair damaging ingredients such as sulfates and parabens. Damaging conditioners can cause your extensions to look dry and frizzy. We recommend using our Breathless Beauty Hair Leave-In Conditioner, which is 100% organic and vegan. Our leave-in conditioner will help prolong the longevity of your hair extensions while leaving your locks soft, moisturized and manageable. 

Tip 2: Let Your Extensions Air Dry or Use Low Heat

We understand not everyone has the time to allow their extensions to air dry. Using low heat is another option to properly dry your locks. It is best not to brush your extensions while wet to prevent breakage. Once your extensions are dry, we recommend using a soft-bristle brush or wide tooth comb to help smooth out any tangles. 

Tip 3: Wrap Up Your Hair

We highly recommend you wrap up your hair before going to bed with a satin scarf or hair bonnet. The J Z Hair Collection offers two different styles of Breathless Beauty Hair Bonnets at an affordable price that can fit anyones hair needs. Wearing a satin hair bonnet helps prevent friction which could lead to knots, frizz and tangles. It is essential that all of your hair fits into the body of the satin bonnet. At Breathless Beauty Hair, we offer two different size hair bonnets. Be sure to find the size that fits you best. You must pay attention to the elastic band in the hair bonnet to ensure it's not too loose which may cause it to come off at night. Ideally, your hair bonnet should fit you snuggly without causing any discomfort. 

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