Hair Extensions and Scarring Alopecia

Hair Extensions and Scarring Alopecia

Why choose to wear hair extensions and wigs with scarring alopecia? Some people may wonder what is cicatricial (or scarring) alopecia. It is very imperative to know what kind of alopecia you may be experiencing to ensure the correct medical course is established. However, scarring alopecia is an inflammatory hair loss condition that may progress in a variety of ways. Scarring alopecia is when the hair follicles  get scarred and develop a fibrous tissue that prevents any regrowth of the hair. The surface of the skin may look smooth, or there may be a few small, scarce hair follicles, but underneath the surface of the skin is where the damage is located. 

There are different types of scarring alopecia. The one I will discuss is Lichen Planopilaris (LPP), which is primary lymphocytic cicatricial alopecia. This is a condition I have had since 2005. It is an inflammatory condition that leads to permanent hair loss.

It started as a small bald spot the size of a quarter with redness and itching. During the early stages of being diagnosed with alopecia, I often wondered if my hair would grow back. So I started to wear hair extensions to help keep my hair protected and to allow my lost hair follicles time to regrow. My hair extensions helped my hair grow drastically, but not in the area of the scarring. It took a few years for my doctors to narrow down what type of alopecia I had. After I was diagnosed with (LPP) scarring alopecia, it was clear to me that my hair would never grow back. For many years, I hid my permanent hair loss with the use of hair extensions. The medical condition impacted me emotionally, physically, and mentally. I have continued to wear hair extensions and wigs to allow me to manifest the beauty in me. Whatever someone chooses to help them self-improve, I support it. Wearing hair extensions helped me. To this day, I wear hair extensions, and that is why I decided to open my own hair extension line called Breathless Beauty Hair Co. I have made it my mission to donate 10% of my hair extensions profits to the Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF), which is the only patient advocacy organization in the world that is exclusively devoted to serving patients with scarring alopecia. I want to help people like me learn and find ways to stay encouraged. 

One thing I have learned is not to allow scarring alopecia to control your life, but to learn to control it and allow it to motivate you to live a life beyond your imagination. We want to inspire confidence through hair and allow women to find quality yet affordable hair extensions. 

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